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Transformative Business Coaching

I owned and operated Continental Laundry Systems in Pittsburgh for twenty five years. It started as a boutique operation of my then wife, and two employees and myself. When we sold it in 2013, we had operations in fourteen states, had grown over fifteen times in revenue, and a strong, thriving, best in class operation.

My business was a mirror for my life. I was both attached and committed at all times to the outcomes of performance in the field, customer satisfaction and bottom line economic performance.

The highs were bringing on long term contracts netting hundreds of thousands of dollars into yearly revenues. The lows were feeling powerless in the face of predatory competition, and having an employee cause a fatal automobile accident.

When I sold my company in 2013 for the multiple I felt was worthwhile, the question was "where do I go from here, and how do I move on to a meaningful life?" I took a position with our acquirer, but it did not fully answer the question for me.

This year, I went back to school to obtain certification as a coach, and hung my shingle as a Business Coach. I realized that something I had missed as a business owner was the power of contemplating the "what for". To have someone on my side asking me the questions that would cause me to think, to innovate and to face the fears I felt.

What questions are lurking inside of you? What keeps you up at night? It is the exploration that eventually leads to the ways through and out.

Time well spent with a coach can bring greater enjoyment of your business, well-being, and empowerment of feeling you are fully in the drivers seat. It can bring new energy, new direction, and (gasp) enhanced profitability.

Is a Business Coach right for you? Am I the right coach for you? These are some questions to ponder, as well.

Join me for a sample Coaching Session by sending me a Linkedin message or calling me at 412 979 5367. See what questions come up for you, and where your thinking takes you. At the end of the session, you can decide whether the above questions are relevant. No right or wrong answer. And no pressure by me.

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