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Business owners, Business Executives, Salespeople, Professionals and others can benefit from empowerment to achieve their visions, to find their possibilities, to transform.

Working weekly, we will identify areas of growth, and move toward new possibilities.


Entrepreneurship is one of the most ultimately fulfilling journeys an individual can take. It tests and challenges each of one's senses, and brings out the rawest of emotions, fears, and elation.

My adult life has been dominated by owning and building a brand. A company. A life. Entering a mature industry, fighting the way through consolidation of the industry, and ultimately having to prove value, again and again, while outmanned by companies with larger scale, and technology, we

continued to grow.

Cut open my veins, and I will bleed the blood of a business owner.

walk and work with entrepreneurs, scheduling multi-monthly meetings where we identify challenges, and work on personal and professional growth, along with growth of the bottom line.

Schedule a cost free consultation on my website!


Commitment to the entrepreneurial journey is total. Sometimes, investment in the companies in the pre-seed and Series A rounds is mutually advantageous. As part of the package offered in advising, a concierge service is included.

This may take on capital investment, introductions to people in my network with access to capital, bankers, and other consultants and professionals who can move the entrepreneur along in his/her journey.


My story consists of 35 years of founding, growing, owning and running a business. I have seen my times of hilarity, heartbreak, defeat and big wins. I came out on top. Often held back by my own humility, I persevered. I have a story to tell, and a great way of interacting with audiences. I am available to speak and share a story of being a business. Of living and breathing it every day. I share my mistakes. There were many. The genuinely funny times. And ultimately, moving to the top of the industry.

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