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Investments and Advisories:

Casa Vegas, LLC - Principal and Advisor

Entre - Investor and Advisor

Gold Standard - Strategic Manager, Board Member,

Investor and Advisor

Promoshare - Investor and Advisor

Hellowoofy -Investor and Advisor

Answerable - Investor and Advisor

Pristeem- Investor and Advisor

Blockdrop - Investor and Advisor

Risekit - Investor and Advisor

Moodconnect - Investor and Advisor

Clearcogs - Investor and Advisor

Weigel Media - Principal and Advisor

A little about me:

Mentor Coach, Leadership Development Program 2019-2020.


Graduated Accomplishment Coaching with Accredited

Coaching Certification, 2019.

Served on Board of Directors for the Apartment Association

of Metropolitan Pittsburgh, 1990-2014.

Moved to Pittsburgh, Pa from Chicago to purchase

boutique coin laundry route.


Grew business from 2,200 machines to 19,000 machines.

Grew volume from $500,000 to $12,000,000 in revenue.

Operated contracts at 35 area Colleges and Universities, over 60 public Housing Authorities and 7 federal correctional facilities.

Successfully exited business with sale to

multi-billion dollar company.  

Entrepreneurial Philosophy

Success is rarely a straight line.  Although my resume states that I graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, my real education came from the school of hard knocks.


How do we come by the choices we make?  In my case, they just flowed.  I decided to buy a sliver of an offshoot of a company in a city I had never been to.  In an industry I knew nothing about.  Being oblivious, in my case, was a strength.
















I knocked on all kinds of doors, stumbling through sales pitches about a service I was only beginning to understand.  Enthusiasm went a long way.  My early clients were either entertained by me, or sympathetic.  We began to grow.


In the meantime, the learning curve took on dealing with employees, accountants, banks, cash flow, and customers.  Some of these, I never really mastered.

After twenty five years, market forces and fate told me it was time to sell company.  


We had grown to eight figures in revenue, and about forty employees.


The realization that creating and growing a company, sustaining my family with it, providing livelihoods for dozens of employees, and forging a brand, culture and reputation in a mature and declining industry was the defining role in my life moved to yearn to work with others in this journey.


I help young businesses focus their efforts, grow, and stretch, both in their top and bottom lines, and personally.  I do this by investing in them monetarily and timewise, mentoring, advising, and coaching.


Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but it is the journey of a lifetime.  I bleed the blood of those looking to forge this path.

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